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Banking Law Digest (1950-2004) 2 Volumes

Banking Law Digest (1950-2004) 2 Volumes

:  9788180384141
:  2005
:  Hard Cover
:  21st
:  INR 1980.00 / US$ 99
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“TANNAN'S BANKING LAW DIGEST (1950-2004) (DIGEST OF LEGAL DECISIONS AFFECTING BANKERS) IN 2 VOLUMES 21ST EDITION 2005 RUNNING INTO 2050 PAGES (APPROX.). The present work on Banking Law Digest (1950-2004) for 54 years is a standard work on the subject containing nearly 9500 cases affecting bankers, being a verbatim reproduction from Volume 3 of Tannan's Banking Law & Practice in India 21st Edition, 2005 - it is one of the most classic book on the subject - Judicially approved and professionally recognised since its maiden appearance in 1926, being an established work on the subject, quoted in Court pronouncements and of great use to Bankers, Professionals, Chartered Accountants as well as to students. The present verbatim reprint edition from volume 3 is now released with the pride and glory of its previous editions. TANNAN'S BANKING LAW DIGEST (1950-2004) DIGEST OF NEARLY 9500 LEGAL DECISIONS AFFECTING BANKERS.The present Digest will be very useful to bankers, students, practitioners, litigants, Honourable Judges, professionals and various authorities in Government and private sectors alike. Lawyers, confronted with banking problems, will resort to it for authority and bankers in India will refer to it for assistance and information. To students of banking in this country this work will be invaluable as the premier standard digest on Banking Cases.”

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