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Income Tax Law Volume 7(2)

Income Tax Law Volume 7(2)

:  9788180382314
:  2004 (Reprint 2010)
:  Hard Cover
:  5th
:  INR 1795.00 / US$ 89.75
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“CHATURVEDI & PITHISARIA'S INCOME TAX LAW-an eagerly awaited work- surpasses any comparable book in its detailed, reliable, authentic and thorough coverage of law of income-tax. No other book includes as many decided cases or sets them out in such detail in the text, or contains more detailed and exhaustive discussion and elaboration of the legislative provisions, the principles and the decided cases. This work fulfills two-fold purpose-to give a logical, brilliant and systematized analysis of the principles and full and practical guidance to this law.Volume 7(1) and 7(2) - Supplement to Vols. 1-6 : This brilliantly executed Volume 7(1) and Volume 7(2), being in the nature of a supplement to volumes 1 to 6 of the main treatise, thoroughly digested a continuing sparkling stream of judicial pronouncements ever flowing with glittering brilliance, keeping the same style and features thoroughout, and also analyses precisely the scope and effect of the later-made amendments, insertions, omissions and substitutions, thus making the legal discussion in all the volumes 1 to 6 up-to-date.This Supplemental Volume 7(1) and Volume 7(2), which is the latest link in the chain, updates the entire set of Volumes 1 to 6 and fills in the spaces left void by developments in taxation laws in the course of time. The finishing touch provided in the shape of this volume by the great masters of taxation completes the process of the celebrated work and helps it keep intact virtually what it has been all along renowned for in the taxation world of India--rendered possible, no denying, by the authors' incredibly superior worth and skill. The primary object of this volume is to make the legal discussion in all the preceding volumes updated. Further, special endeavour has been bestowed to enhance the usefulness of the entire set by incorporating the following features :• Later-made amendments thoroughly and exhaustively elaborated, sectionwise, in a precise and concise manner • subsequently-pronounced decisions reported, progressively, up-to-date in ITR, AIR, Tax LR, Taxman, Taxation, CTR and SCC digested • Subsequently-issued departmental circulars, either explaining the legislative amendments or otherwise, incorporated • Case-law with non-ITR reference in any of the Volumes 1to 6 tabulated with ITR reference on their reporting in ITR • Supplemental matter dovetailed in the preceding volumes, indicating the page number, the relevant section and appropriate place where the addition and/or changes is to be posted or read • Subsequently-framed rules and/or forms reproduced; as also indicated with reference to particular section or provision • This volume is a self-contained and self-comprehensible one, depicting latest judicial pronouncements with the specific reference to the subject-matter with which these concern with annotations and authors' observation having separate Table of Cases and Subject Index.New Case Law and Additional Comments : The case-law dealt with progressively, is that reported recently in ITR, Tax LR, AIR, CTR, Taxman. Taxation, SCC and other law journals and reports. The changes in the frame of the sections brought about by various amending enactments have been chronologically indicated, arranged and explained. Relevant Departmental Circulars, Press-notes and Notifications have been extracted at appropriate places along with the concerned section or provision, also indicating their full or part applicability in the present state of the law. Case-law with on-ITR reference in any of the volumes 1 to 6 has been tabulated with ITR reference when later reported in ITR.”

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