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LexisNexis® understands that the legal professional world is dynamic. Keeping this in mind, we present LexisGreen, a portable offline digital referencing tool for your favorite titles.
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LexisGreen is a portable offline digital referencing tool for your favorite titles in a pen drive. Built with the busy law practice in mind, LexisGreen enables you to access authoritative commentaries in court or anywhere on your computer without any dependency of the internet.
  • LexisGreen Corporate (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Corporate

  • LexisGreen Criminal (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Criminal

  • LexisGreen Civil Essentials (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Civil Essentials

  • LexisGreen Civil Procedure (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Civil Procedure

  • LexisGreen Commercial (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Commercial

  • LexisGreen Constitution (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Constitution

  • LexisGreen Smart Pack (USB Edition)
  • LexisGreen Smart Pack

  • R P Kathuria: Supreme Court on Criminal Law (1950-2013), 8th edn 2014 in 7 Vols (USB Edition)
  • R P Kathuria: Supreme Court on Criminal Law (1950-2013), 8th edition, 2014

  • ML Tannan: Banking Law and Practice in India, 25th edn 2014 in 3 Vols (USB Edition)
  • ML Tannan: Banking Law and Practice in India, 25th edition, 2014

  • Kanga and Palkhivala: The Law and Practice of Income Tax, 10th edn 2014 in 2 Vols (USB Edition)
  • Kanga and Palkhivala: The Law and Practice of Income Tax, 10th edition 2014

  • P Ramanatha Aiyar: The Major Law Lexicon, 4th edn 2010 in 6 Vols (USB Edition)
  • P Ramanatha Aiyar: The Major Law Lexicon, 4th edn 2010

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What Our Amazing Clients Say
  • Divya Sharma, Advocate, DBS Law
    The three biggest benefits of using LexisGreen are that it provides you offline access, you don't need paper book, thus reducing cost, and you can search electronically.The cost difference between the paper and electronic versions surprised me.
    Ezhil Vizhian, Advocate
    LexisGreen provides ease of access and class commentaries. It is ready to use.What surprised me most is the 3rd access opportunity.
  • Vinod Goel, CFO & Head Legal Company Secretary, Panacea Biotec Ltd.
    LexisGreen makes it very easy to access files and you can promptly find the relevant section and moreover, it is easy to carry. What surprised me most about LexisGreen was easy to access the relevant sections in a short span of time.
    Narmadha Dinakaran, Assistant Comp Secretary, Sheenlac Paints Limited
    The biggest benefits of using LexisGreenTM are it is handy for referencing purposes and is easy to access
  • Manish Gupta, Assistant Manager, Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP
    The three biggest benefits of LexisGreen are reference materials that are readily available, content that helps in understanding the context and references to case laws that helps in evaluation.What surprised me most about LexisGreen are the quick reference links that are readily available
    Partner, Law Firm
    "It is a convenient, portable and very affordable solution."
  • Anil Tikekar, Senior Manager Secretarial & CFO Bilcare Limited
    I find this digital referencing tool to be very handy. I love the quick search module to find the content I need in a second. Not needing paper is an added bonus. Extremely user friendly platform. Thanks LexisGreen.

    Partner, Law Firm
    "It is a convenient, portable and very affordable solution."
  • Ananda Narayanan, CFO, HomeShop 18
    Benefits of LexisGreenTM are online search, comparison across sections, and ease to usage. Book of huge size with so many pages is at your fingertip.
    Akshay Khandelwal, Manager Transaction Tax, Ernst & Young LLP
    LexisGreenTM assists me in enhancing my knowledge and to keep it updated. It enables me to undertake a quick search on topic relevant to me. It enables me to refer all the relevant documents in a consolidated manner, even when I am on the go without having the burden of carrying the bulky books with me. Its coverage and precision surprised me.
  • Rajesh Badami, Company Secretary, MSPL Limited
    LexisGreen has good content, it is easy to store and updation is also easy. There is huge data with easy access.
    Deepak Choudhary, Advocate
    The biggest benefit of LexisGreenTM is it provides instant solutions and multiple references from many books at a time. I can bookmark also. It is a ready-to-use product and a portable library of eBooks.
  • Arun Parikh, Retired VP (Legal) at Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
    LexisGreenTM can be used at any time anywhere. There is ease of carrying it anywhere and ease of search. Its size is also a benefit. It works wonderful and is exhaustive so far the subject-content is concerned.
    Turbo Energy Private Ltd (TEL)
    The three biggest benefits of using LexisGreenTM are it is easy to access, easy to take print and easy to search files.
  • Pankaj Jain, Partner, Veda Legal Firm
    There is an ease of finding contents in Ramaiya Book if you use LexisGreenTM. It is easy to carry and what surprised me was it search feature.
    Senior Associate, Law Firm
    "I have the flexibility to access my favorite books while I am on the move and that is simply incredible."
  • Nimesh Pathak, Member Founder & Founder President , Vidhi Vidhyarthi Manch
    "It's a good product. I want to purchase R P Kathuria: Supreme Court on Criminal Law next month."
    Kripakar, Chartered Accountant, Sankaran Sundaram
    "It's an excellent product. I have already recommended this product to a lot of people."
  • Ashwini Kumar Shrivastava, Advocate
    "I am satisfied with LexisGreen. It's a good product."
    Deepak Chintaman Gadgil, Chartered Accountant
    "It's a good product. It's working perfectly."
  • Partner, Law Firm
    "A very cost-effective way to maintain my library… It has eliminated the hassle of carrying bulky books for research purpose."
    Senior Partner, Corporate Law Firm
    "An incredible innovation by LexisNexis to make Law Books and Bare Acts available on a pen drive. It is accessible on multiple machines and devices."
  • CA. Raveendran. P.M. Chartered Accountant
    I had bought the LexisGreen Corporate Packagefor quick access to the Companies act 1956. I found it to be knowledge updating and easy to search. I love the fact that I do not have to carry heavy books around. Last but not the least, they replaced the defective pen drive very quickly!
    Yashwant Singh SNCO IC Legal Cell, IAF
    I found the Criminal law USB to be highly portable. Also, the custom search was highly accurate even with a specific word. This is great for making quick notes. This is a bare essential tool.
  • Advocate Abhay Kumar Dubey
    I purchased Criminal Law USB edition & it found it to be highly educational. It is also a time saver since the in-built search system is very smooth. The accessibility of the content made me surprised.
    Taro Rajpal CFO, Tubacex India P Ltd
    What I loved the most LexisGreen’s digital referencing tool is going totally paperless. I do not have to worry about spilling coffee on my notes! Absolutely easy to carry USB drive makes it even more desirable. Since you get many books in one pen-drive, I find the price to be quite low.
  • Om Prakash Agarwal, Chartered Accountants
    I enjoyed going through authoritative commentaries with complete ease. The content was easy searchable. The platform is highly user friendly & available at an affordable price. This is a very useful product indeed.

    Aditya Pratap, Advocate, Bombay High Court
    It is very sleek and a good concept. However, in Javelin reader whenever I open a page from Table of Contents, it is fine. The user system is easy to use and easy to access. Good product.

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