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Civil Procedure Bare Act
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Year  :  2015
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Edition  :  2015
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LexisGreen Civil Procedure Pack is an ultimate handy reference solution for the entire legal fraternity, which is available in the form of a USB. This online law book package will be an authoritative asset for comprehensive cross-referencing. The USB edition is a renaissance as it is entirely handy to use and broadly covers the every details of the hard copy editions. Civil Procedure Pack covers the latest statutory amendments, including State High Court Amendments and substantive procedural laws. An extensive compilation of the civil judicial rules and procedure, this pack is composed of all the notable recent judgements of the Supreme Court and various High Courts as well. This package includes detailed appendices covering forms of plaints, summons, notices, affidavits, etc., along with meticulous synopses, table of contents, and table of cases, and a comprehensive subject index. This pack is composed in a manner so as to meet the expectations of not only the bar and bench, but also the educationists, comprising of teachers as well as the law students. This pack is composed of the following books, Mulla’s The Code of Civil Procedure (Abridged), 16th edition, which covers the latest case law, legislative amendments and current developments in the law relating to civil procedure in India; MLJ's Manual of the Civil Procedure Code, 15th edition, which is a thoroughly revised and updated and contains all statutory provisions of CPC along-with the relevant schedules and allied acts; U N Mitra: Law of Limitation and Prescription, Updated 13th edition, which is a classic work on the law of Limitation and Prescription, a juristic work, and author's comments on the recent trend relating to adverse possession in this book gives the readers a valuable insight on the current position of the law on this aspect. Apart from the books, this pack also includes allied bare acts for a better reference.

• Mulla: The Code of Civil Procedure (Abridged), 16th edition
• MLJ's Manual of the Civil Procedure Code, 15th edition
• U N Mitra: Law of Limitation and Prescription, Updated 13th edition

Bare Acts:
• Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
• The Limitation Act, 1963
• The Stamp Act, 1899
• Court Fees Act, 1870
• General Clauses Act
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