LexisGreen Smart Pack

LexisGreen Smart Pack
Author(s)  :  LexisNexis
ISBN  :  9789351436485
Year  :  2015
Format  :  USB
Edition  :  2015
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LexisGreen provides the pleasure of having a 24*7 access to the books without the need of Internet. It solves the issue of carrying bulky books to places by providing a pen drive with all the essential Indian Law Books and bare acts, which are available to the user on the go. Smart Pack USB Edition is another such extensive pack, which consists of a collection of law books including the books on drafting and pleading, which is a must for the lawyers and law students. It contains many books on various law subjects such as Indian Constitution by S.R. Bhansali or the book on legal language and writing by Prof. K.L. Bhatia. The edition is also inclusive of insightful commentaries on various acts like the Companies Act, 2013, the Indian Contract Act, the Indian Partnership Act, the Specific Relief Act, the Sale of Goods Act and the Advocates Act. The books and acts included in the Smart Pack USB Edition are of the latest edition and prove to be of great advantage to the user. It provides a clear and succinct view on the Indian Law and acts as an ideal reference guide for budding lawyers. Smart Pack USB edition tends to bring together books by authoritative authors on various subjects and thus becomes an all-in-one package. Inclusive of the complete preparation manual on All India Bar Examination, authored by Showick Thrope, it proves to be extremely helpful and useful for the students as well as practicing lawyers.

• Mulla: The Indian Contract Act, 14th edn.
• Mulla: The Sale of Goods Act and the Indian Partnership Act, 10th edn.
• Sanjiva Row’s The Advocates Act, 1961, 8th edn.
• Raju Ramachandran: Professional Ethics for Lawyers-Changing Profession, Changing Ethics, 2nd edn.
• S R Bhansali: Constitution of India - An article wise exhaustive commentary
• The Companies Act, 2013 (With Rules & Forms)-Incorporating the Companies (Amendment) Act, 3rd edn.
• The Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (CPC) - with state amendments, case notes & statutory index and The Limitation Act, 1963, 2nd edn.
• Showick Thorpe: All India Bar Examination-The Complete Preparation Manual, 2nd edn.
• Universal Law Series - Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing
• Suleman Saadiya: Professional Ethics & Advertising by Lawyers
• Dr. B Malik: The Art of a Lawyer - Cross Examination, Advocacy, Courtmanship, 10th edn.
• Prof K L Bhatia: Textbook on Legal Language and Legal Writing, 2nd edn.

Bare Acts:
• Indian Contract Act, 1872
• Indian Partnership Act, 1932
• Sale of Goods Act, 1930
• The Specific Relief Act, 1963
• The Advocates Act, 1961
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