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Animal Laws of India

Animal Laws of India

Author : Maneka Gandhi , Ozair Hussain & Raj Panjwani

ISBN : 9789351437710



BINDING : Hardcover



The law, effectively harnessed, can become the most potent weapon in the fight against animal abuse and exploitation. Interpreted with courage and compassion, it can extend the maximum protection to living beings that cannot speak or fight for themselves. Animals are an integral part of the Indian economy and ecology. In their protection lies our own survival. Yet Animal Law has remained a largely neglected arena with few people even aware of the existence of codes that govern our use of animals. As a result, animals in our country have suffered enormous violence and victimisation. To bring about the ethical treatment of animals it is necessary to make Animal Law both familiar and accessible. This book is a first step in that direction. It is a comprehensive compilation of the law as it applies to draught, domestic, wild, experimental, meat performing and pet animals. It is designed to provide the layperson with a fundamental understanding and working knowledge of these laws as well as equip the expert with a clear, concise, easily referred to resource. It is a practical handbook that shows you what you can do when you see on overloaded bullock cart, a performing monkey or ivory and shahtoosh on sale. Its purpose is to empower the citizens of the India to use the strength of the law to protect animals against human greed and cruelty. It is a must-have manual for all those who wish to sustain informed campaigns in defence of these voiceless victims.

"Maneka Gandhi is India's leading Crusader of animals through her work in the field, her writings, her television programmes, her public positions, and her personal example. She is Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, Government of India. She has pushed through reforms in animal and environment protection legislation. Just as she has used the power of the media to influence opinion and attitudes towards animals, she has used the law to challenge cruelty against them. Her books are many. So are her awards. Among them, the Prani Mitra Award and the RSPCA's highest accolade, the Lord Erskine Award. She is Chairperson of People for Animals, India's largest animal welfare organization. Ozair Husain is the author of several books on animals. He is a senior executive of People For Animals, India's largest animal welfare organisation. Raj Panjwani joined the Bar in 1976 and is a designated Senior Advocate who champions the cause of Animal Rights and Environmental Protection, Author of the book, ""Courting Wild Life"" and Editor of ""Wild Life Law : A Global Perspective"", he has been awarded the ""Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award"" by the American Bar Association and several other Awards. He has been felicitated by citation awarded on Law Day (2006, 2009) by the Supreme Court of India. Appointed as Amicus Curiae by several High Courts and Supreme Court in Cases related to Animal Welfare and Environment, he is a Counsel of several Animal Welfare and Environmental Organizations. "

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