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Career in Law

Career in Law

ISBN : 9789351437369



BINDING : Paperback



There is scholarship in the brief book, While it is not heavy it is weighty, Every  page contains a progressive unfolding of the legal system and the legal profession. He takes law and justice as the first topic and in three pages tells you what textbooks take 30 pages to tell. The gamut of the Jural system, from the ancient period to the Current judicature, takes only six or seven pages- a peat which makes me wonder why  huge tomes of law are ever written except to frighten the laity. Switching over to the legal profession, the author refers to the statutes governing the legal profession. The law schools and the law degrees of several countries find place in the book in striking brevity. How do you choose a senior, what are the career opportunities in law, women lawyers in court and career opportunities are not omitted by the author. Pictorial and diagrammatic devices are a novel feature of the book. Success at the Bar and tips to win it are condensed in a few pages.  What is innovative and interesting is the chapter on the cyber connection. There is modernity in this chapter which explores the role of technology in the practice of law.

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