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Commentary on The Constitution of India

Commentary on The Constitution of India

Author : P M Bakshi

ISBN : 9789350358450


The Constitution of India was framed after an indepth study of manifold challenges and problems including that of poverty, illiteracy, inequalities and rights of the citizens. The Independence struggle and intellectual debates in the Constituent Assembly show the value and importance of freedoms and rights. The Constitutions of USA and Canada were examined and after extensive deliberations and discussions, the Constitution was framed. A Chapter on fundamental rights was incorporated providing in detail the positive and negative rights. For enforcement of those rights the Supreme Court was vested with original jurisdiction as contained in Art. 32. During the last 65 years 98 amendments have been made in the Constitution. This book has dealt with all these aspects. It is a pioneering work in the field of constitutional law. It offers a systematic and properly arranged Article by Article critical and analytical commentary of the Constitution under relevant headings. This book covers the entire development of the law relating to the Constitution of India. It is extensively researched work and will prove a milestone in the development of law relating to Constitution. The present edition of this treatise has been published in two volumes. Volume I contains commentary of Article 1 to 151 and Volume II contains the commentary from Articles 152 and onwards. The commentary of each Article throws light on the subject from all angles and tries to provide enough material for the Bar and the Bench. To make the book more useful synopsis has been given under each Article and all the important decisions delivered by the Supreme Court during the last 65 years have been included in the book. It is an scholarly exposition of a difficult subject and may be confidently expected to provide a reliable guidance to all those engaged in the research of law relating to constitution of India.

P M Bakshi was the Former Director, Indian Law Institute and former member of the Law Commission of India. Apart from the Constitution of India, P M Bakshi had also authored administrative books like Law of Affidavits, Dictionary of Business Law, Law of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Legislative Process: Ideals and Reality, S.M. Lahiri’s The Transfer of Property ACT (ACT IV of 1882) and Introduction to Legislative Drafting.

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