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Constitutional Amendments in India

Constitutional Amendments in India

Author : Pylee M V

ISBN : 9788131251485


M V Pylee’s Constitutions of the World is a unique compilation of the Constitution of selected countries of the world. Complete and updated in all respect, in this refreshed fifth edition, every care has been taken to incorporate all the amendments in the Constitutions of countries taken place since the publication of the last edition in 212. All efforts have been made to keep the readers aware and updated with all the latest amendments in the Constitutions of the world. This book, in the present format, shall be useful as a comprehensive guide for research purpose. This compilation shall also be of great help for framing of new Constitutions for nations as well for re-modelling the existing Constitutions. The book shall undoubtedly render immense assistance to the Bench, Bar, Academicians, Researchers, Students, Libraries, Governments and intellectuals who are interested in field of jurisprudence of comparative Constitutions.

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