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Experiments in Advocacy (A Colossus in the Courts of justice)

Experiments in Advocacy (A Colossus in the Courts of justice)

Author : Dr Kailas Nath Katju

ISBN : 9788175345188


Experiments in Advocacy is a compilation of articles written by Dr. Kailas Nath Katju about his long and distinguished career in the legal profession, an example of hard toil against adverse circumstances, which he conquered with indomitable determination and moral strength. An eloquent speaker, he was capable of giving to the cases he argued such twists and turns that made him famous as a "case winner". He could easily ignite that spark of doubt in the mind of the Bench, which would start a process of thought on the aspect of what in Legal parlance is called beyond reasonable doubt. His success was so phenomenal that many of his clients attributed to him magical powers and thought that his mere presence in the court would help them win their case. It is very rare in the history of the legal profession that a lawyer was in the forefront both in civil and criminal law.

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