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Guide to Central Excise - Law & Practice

Guide to Central Excise - Law & Practice

Author : Arvind P Datar

ISBN : 9789351434658


Goods and Services Tax – Law, Practice and Procedures, Third Edition is a continuation of two editions – GST Concepts and Roadmap and Master Guide to Goods and Services Tax. This edition has been thoroughly revised and updated in accordance with the provisions of the CGST/IGST/UTGST and GST (Compensation to States) Acts implemented from 1 July, 217 and covers Notifications, Rules issued thereafter upto 31 August, 217. It comprehensively analyses the provisions of Indian GST Legislations as applicable from 1 July 217. This book is a must read for every Tax Professional, Tax Lawyer and Tax Administrator. Salient Features:- • Elucidates the basic concept of GST in a simplified and lucid manner • Deeply analyses the provisions of CGST/IGST/UTGST and GST (Compensation to States) Acts, 217 • Significantly covers the concept of Supply (Triggers Levy), Time of Supply (Point of Taxation), Place of Supply (Place of Consumption) • Discusses Composition provisions, Valuation principles in line with the latest provisions and Rules • Appropriate Guidance on Anti-Profiteering measures as provided in Section 171 of the CGST Act, 217 • Discusses the procedures of GST like Registration, Return, Payment, Invoice and Refund in line with Rules • Summarises the flow of seamless Input Tax Credit in line with Input Tax Credit provisions and the Rules • Separate chapter on Transition provisions covering the relevant provisions and Rules for smooth transition • 65 FAQs and 74 Illustrations are added at the end of relevant chapters providing practical guidance on the working of the laws

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