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Guide to Trade Marks Law

Guide to Trade Marks Law

ISBN : 9789351438908



BINDING : Paperback



Conflict of Laws is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year degree course in law education institutes including national law schools. The book will be useful for scholars as well as to practitioners interested in the subject. It will also be a good reference guide for students and researchers to understand the approach and concepts relating to private international law. It can be read by academicians to activists, lawyers to Iaymen. This book is based, mutatis mutandis, on the framework of the HaIsbury’s Laws of England. This book focuses on personal relations affecting marriage, adoption, legitimacy and Iegitimation that are governed by the personal law system. It includes various statutory laws, judicial pronouncements, doctrines, international conventions and procedures. The text is divided into 11 chapters based on the broad themes of domicile and residence, family law, orders as to children, contracts, torts, property, succession, insolvency and corporation, foreign judgments and procedures. Key Features:- • Simplifies various doctrines, theories, themes and concepts of the subject • Provides proficient global awareness • Refers to important Indian and foreign case laws • Provides a parallel analysis of various Indian and foreign laws

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