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Indian Counter Terrorism Law

Indian Counter Terrorism Law

Author : Shruti Bedi

ISBN : 9789351436270



BINDING : Paperback



Indian Counter-Terrorism Law is a reference book for LLB and LLM students and scholars of counter-terrorism laws and strategies. It will also be a useful resource for academicians, judges, lawyers, police officers, legislators and members of special bodies involved In tackling this menace. Beginning with the brief description of preventive detention laws in existence in British India and post-independence, the book moves on to categorically appraise the provisions of the two anti-terror laws of the past and the current laws on the subject. A brief account of the legislative anomalies and the strengths of these statutes provides an appropriate closure to the work. Key Features • Contains the complete interpretation of the provisions of the Indian counter-terrorism legislation • Provides an elaborate and exhaustive judicial interpretation of the cases under Indian statutes • Comprehensive resource on the progress of the counter-terror regime in India from the British era to date

Dr Shruti Bedi is Senior Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at the University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University. She has been a gold-medallist in her BCom(H), LL.B and LL.M courses. Her academic experience is primarily focused on counter-terror laws. With a background of extensive publications on the subject, she is regularly invited to speak on the legal aspects of terrorism, both nationally and internationally.

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