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Insights into E-Contracts in India

Insights into E-Contracts in India

Author : Sachin Rastogi

ISBN : 9789351430346



BINDING : Paperback



Technology has made us a global community in the literal sense of the word. The advent of the internet has moved business from the usual brick and mortar environment to an electronic platform and has evolved the concept of E-commerce, where commercial activities are carried over the internet. E-commerce includes the formation of contracts over the internet referred to as E-Contracts. This book deals with the concept of E-Contracts. It gives an insight into E-Contracts by providing a legal know how about them, their formation, the legal consequences and the legislative and jurisdictional aspects. The book seeks to analyse and examine the various implications of E-Contracts. Towards the end certain points have been mentioned, which if taken care of will facilitate and encourage the formation of E-Contracts. As the concept of E-Contracts is still in its nascent stage, this book is supposed to be very helpful to the students, the lawyers and other professionals who are not very familiar with the concept, by exposing every bit and piece about E-Contracts.

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