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Journey of Women Law Reforms and the Law Commission of India: Some Insights

Journey of Women Law Reforms and the Law Commission of India: Some Insights

Author : Pawan Sharma

ISBN : 9788131252512



BINDING : Hardcover



Journey of Women Law Reforms and the Law Commission of India: Some Insights is of its own kind. The book represents to read experiences through theories and theories through experiences. Intertwines vast experiences the author has gained working on women issues on behalf of the Law Commission of India, and is in addition to her scholastic insights into women's lives cutting across class, caste, communities and boundaries that she possesses. A significant aspect of the work is that unlike many other works which generally remain confined to discussion on violence against women or which sometimes in addition does talk of inequalities in terms of economic rights of women, the author of the present work goes beyond and almost covers every aspect of human relations with specific focus on women's lives be it matrimonial, familial, societal and economic belonging to personal laws of various communities. The work apart from narrating recommendations and suggestions made by the Commission dealing with women issues also brings in-sights and very engaging approach to understanding, analysing and critiquing these recommendations. The work also focuses on the importance of adopting institutional approach to Women Law Reforms and limitation of the Commission in this regard. To be precise in a way, the book is pioneer work that opens a new source to be relied upon not only by students, academicians, legal practitioners, judges, legal scholars, women activists but also those who belong to the world of sociology, economics, politics, journalism and media.

"Dr Pawan Sharma has been associated with the Law Commission of India for about three decades serving on various capacities including Secretary to the Commission, Joint Secretary, and Additional Law Officer. She is known in her fraternity as one who has served the Commission with utmost dedication and brought super skilful and professional approach in discharging various assignments. Her contributions to the Commission's Reports such as child marriage, coparcenary property rights and others dealing with women issue have been well appreciated and acknowledged. Apart from contributing to the Commission's agenda, her writings and articles published in various journals on women and children issues have received wide acclaim. Prior to joining the Commission, Dr Sharma started her carrier as a researcher at Indian Law Institute, joined teaching at Faculty of Law, Delhi University and finally joined the Commission. Dr Sharma holds a doctorate degree in Law from University of Rajasthan and earned her Masters and Bachelors of Law from Delhi University. She has also co-authored a book on Wasteland Development and Law, published by Indian Law Institute. She has been delivering talks, lectures on issues relating to women in universities, colleges and television apart from National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and National Commission of Women. Currently Dr Sharma is in the process of revising her doctorate thesis on Laws relating to Trafficking especially of Women for publication."

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