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Law & Life- Evolving Judicial Approaches

Law & Life- Evolving Judicial Approaches

Author : Justice Devi Prasad Singh

ISBN : 9789350357002



BINDING : Hardcover



LAW AND LIFE deals with the journey of life and the manner in which law contributes to attain true happiness. Since law on different facets of life is gradually changing, the judicial approach is also shifting and evolving new principles of law to meet the requirements of time. The book covers various contemporary topics like live-in relationship, women's issues and empowerment of women under the Constitution, biodiversity and global warming in relation to law. It also explains the constitutional provisions and democratic institutions to safeguard public interest and the role of Fourth Estate and its adversities.

Justice Devi Prasad Singh is a judge in Allahabad High Court. He has adjudicated on several issues relating to constitutional matters, and especially the common man. He has delivered landmark judgments on various aspects of law, including the mafia as reported in 2006(24)LCD 1243, Chandrika Prasad Nishad v State of UP and others, and on food scam as reported in 2010 ADJ 504 Vishwanath Chaturvedi v Union of India and others. He is an administrative judge and a member of various committees of the high court. He has an academic interest and has actively participated in a number of national and international conferences.

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