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Law of Limitation and Prescription

Law of Limitation and Prescription

Author : U N Mitra

ISBN : 9789386515629

EDITION : 15th


BINDING : Hardcover



U N Mitra’s Law of Limitation and Prescription has earned the discerning appreciation of the Bench and the Bar for its lucid, analytical and critical exposition on the subject. The genesis of this work can be traced back to the Tagore Law Lectures, delivered in 1882 and widely recognized as the most prestigious series of lectures in the field of law, representing the highest level of legal erudition in India. Key Highlights:- • Leading treatise on the subject for over a century • Comprehensive Section/Article wise commentary on the Law of Limitation & Prescription • Critically analyses legal provisions, with clarity and coherence • An invaluable reference for judges, lawyers, legislators, social scientists, administrators, academicians, research scholars, and institutional libraries. • The 15th edition of this commentary has been meticulously revised to include important decisions of the Supreme Court and various High Courts • Up to date with case law and developments since the publication of the last edition • Overruled decisions have been checked in the light of law laid down by recent judgments of the higher courts • Updated Table of Cases and Subject-Index provided for ready reference

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