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My Own Boswell

My Own Boswell

Author : M Hidayatullah

ISBN : 9788175342606



BINDING : Paperback



"His memoirs come close to Benjamin Franklin`s prescription : If you would not be forgotten, As soon as you are dead and rotten, Either write things worth reading, Or do things worth writing. Hidayatullah has done both." - Mr. Kushwant Singh in The Hindustan Times " of the most charming biographies published in recent times in India...who will enjoy this book more : the lawyers or the layman? There is enough in it for a lawyer to munch on, but there is more for the layman to enjoy." - The Illustrated Weekly of India "The subjects covered reveal a highly disciplined and cultivated and resilient mind passionately devoted to the Rule of Law and refinements of the human mind. The book reveals his awareness that the history of thought, particularly sociological thought, is the history of continuous displacement of erroneous dogma." - The Times of India "One finishes reading this book with a desire to read it again and anxiously waiting for the second volume which will appear after the assignments that came subsequently are completed." -The Madhya Pradesh Chronicle  "The book grips interest from the beginning to the end. It is a model of writing, moderate but courageous, wide but pithy, instructive but never dull and above all fully human and natural." -All India Reporter.

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