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Nani Palkhivala - A Role Model (with FREE Audio CD Speech by Palkhivala)

Nani Palkhivala - A Role Model (with FREE Audio CD Speech by Palkhivala)

Author : Maj Gen Nilendra Kumar

ISBN : 9789350351970



BINDING : Hardcover



Nani Palkhivala was indeed a great human being and also an advocate of advocates. A P J Abdul Kalam *For many of us he was a friend, philosopher, and guide to whom we could always turn for sane advise. Dr. Manmohan Singh. *He was a great Indian and a towering man of Ideas and Ideals. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. *He will be remembered most of all for the work he has done to preserve and protect our Constitution. Sonia Gandhi. To praise Palkhivala is to paint lily, to guild refined gold and throw a perfume on the jasmine. V.R. Krishna Iyer *The height of eloquence to which Palkhivala rose has seldom been equalled and never surpassed in the history of the Supreme Court. Justice H.R. Khanna. I was enchanted by the music in his speech. Ram Jethmalani I cherish his memory for the person he was Kind, humble and yet so respected. Ratan Tata He was always short of time. He never walked but breezed into court. Fali S. Nariman A redeeming star in an otherwise dark firmament. It can be truly said of him that he walked with Kings, yet lost not the common touch. Soli Sorabjee He was a dynamo with never a moment of idleness. T.R. Andhyarujina Death be not proud, Such men do not die. L.M. Singhvi He was the best Finance Minister India never had. Dr. P.C. Alexander He not just tolerated but welcomed and accepted dissent. J.N. Dixit

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