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Temple of Justice- A School of Life

Temple of Justice- A School of Life

Author : Poonam A Bamba

ISBN : 9789350357286



BINDING : Paperback



Different shades of human relationship the author came across everyday in court and otherwise, motivated her to capture the dynamics of such relationships in her personal diary. Through this book, the author has shared her conversations with her diary recording her journey through different life stories which unfolded before her everyday; her trials and tribulations and how she grew along the characters of each case. Everyday for her was like an awakening in the midst of a new life drama. Each story in this book has rolled into it, the life lessons the author learnt as she moved along each case before her. She was convinced that there can be no better school of learning than the “temple of justice”. More importantly, this book is like dropping of her armour by the author. It reveals what people generally do not get the glimpse of, i.e., what goes on in the mind of a judge while dealing with different characters/cases; the dilemmas a judge faces and myriad of emotions he goes through; and how much effort it takes for a judge to disentangle himself from the immense energy exchange which takes place in court and the negativity he faces, during the day. This book is also an expression of her gratitude by the author to everyone who came in her court/life and offered themselves as the stepping stones for the life lessons she learnt.

Poonam A. Bamba is Principal Judge, Family Courts at Delhi and has authored the popular book, “Perfect Marriage- Not a Mirage”. She was born and brought up in Delhi. She has graduated with honours in Botany from Hans Raj College, Delhi University and completed post graduation in Law from Delhi University. She is a keen observer of life and nature and has special interest in dynamics of human relationships.

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