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The Voice Within … Social messages through Judgments

The Voice Within … Social messages through Judgments

Author : Justice Kailash Gambhir

ISBN : 9789350356128



BINDING : Hardcover



This book is an amalgamation where Justice Gambhir`s law researchers who worked at different times of his tenure have come together to compile the social messages given by him on various issues while delivering his judgments. it gives a sneak peek into his astute judicial mind and a compassionate human that he is. These messages move you and make you ponder over the issues existing in the society. This book is more real than real can ever be, educative, inspiring, and thought provoking. It makes one sit up and take notice and it can't be passed off as just another book. It echoes the voice of justice when confronted with the harsh realities faced by the common man and lays down not only the law but addresses issues such as dowry deaths, rape, bride burning, false promise of marriage, human rights, drunken driving, road rage, growing mismanagement in the field of education, etc. It is a classic combination of his professional as well as the sensitive approach towards the society and how ardently he desires to bring about change and make it a better place to live in. These judgments however do not reflect the current legal position and are included only for their valuable messages.

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