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Understanding Supreme Court Better - 151 facts you need to know…,

Understanding Supreme Court Better - 151 facts you need to know…,

Author : LAWINC

ISBN : 9789350354544



BINDING : Paperback



``The compilation makes one inquisitive about certain aspects which otherwise one may not care to know or one may think not necessary to know. But for a person who has the spirit of pertinent curiosity to find gratification in fruitful information, such information is never to be dated, for it is always relevant and lively...`` Hon'ble Justice Dipak Misra Judge, Supreme Court of India ``This compilation for `Understanding Supreme Court Better` is a unique collection of information which is not within the knowledge of most people, not even some of us Judges. Some of the information provides an insight into the working of the Supreme Court and its judges ever since it came into existence...`` Hon'ble Justice Altamas Kabir Former Chief Justice of India A Compilation consisting of properly structured data from which a value in the form of information can be further extracted by members of legal fraternity. The information when disseminated, properly interpreted and appropriately applied generates knowledge. Knowledge helps in decision making process. Accumulation of correct decisions leads to learning and wisdom. Organizational wisdom culminates and provides integrity to institution, and strength to institution helps the nation to move forward. Hon'ble Justice Bhagwati Prasad Former Chief Justice of High Court of Jharkhand

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