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Unspeakable Anecdotes - My Life, Judiciary and More…

Unspeakable Anecdotes - My Life, Judiciary and More…

Author : Justice V R Krishna Iyer

ISBN : 9789350351949



BINDING : Hardcover



CONTENTS Unspeakable Anecdotes Enchants Me Judiciary A Transformation Imperatively Needed Judicial Indiscipline in the Supreme Court  The Rule of Law and Human Rights in India Law Reform Visavis Administrative, Legislative and Judicative Processes Constitutional Socialism, Right to Life and Food Security Bill A Public Critique on the Judiciary, Progressive Reforms and Accountability Bill Binayak Sen and Judicial Sentence and Clemency Jurisprudence Glimpses of My Vision of 2012 We, The People of India and Pakistan and J&K Swear to Remain in Patriotic Comity and Secular Solidarity and Fraternity as a Confederation in Peaceful Coexistence Parliament The Nation`s Voice A Gandhian Moral Transmutation From Sita to Soumya Why this Discrimination? IndoRussian Axis Cricket Greets Politics Another Ghastly Glimpse of Our Swilling Syndrome My Vision of Vivekananda The Mahatma Gandhi Violence and Robbery Universal Corrodes National Economy A Public Statement for Prohibition The Seven Splendours Wonders  World Water Day Horrendous Festivities and Stunning Casualties Sabari Slaughter, Sanguinary Sublimity and Carnival Carnage No Creative Panacea A Fortnight`s Holiday Phenomenon Ayurveda and Glory in Sreedhareeyam Tellicherry Bar A Plea for the Kalyan of the People of Tamil Nadu and Kairali to Solve the Mullaperiyar Dam Hatred and Havoc and Civil War Chaos Mullaperiyar A Mass Disaster If Precautionary Principle is Jettison Why A Functional Anarchy? From Ganga to Kaveri to Periyar to Iritty Cochin Corporation is Traffic Terrorism A Few Reminiscences from Vague Recollections Azhikode Sukumar Fragments from Personal Memory Letter to the Prime Minister

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