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A Tale of two Prime Ministers - who won the Legal Battle But Lost the Regime

A Tale of two Prime Ministers - who won the Legal Battle But Lost the Regime

Author : Justice S N Aggarwal

ISBN : 9789350356104



BINDING : Hardcover



This book brings into focus that anything which is legally correct may not pass the test of moral or ethical values. It relates to two former Prime Ministers who won in the law courts but lost in the public Court. Our country is unique in the world where Rishis and Munis, Gurus and Pirs have taught us the principles of truth, ethics and moral values. The Kings, in the past, generally had their Gurus of high spiritual, moral and ethical values. They were always guided by their Gurus and their advice was considered as final by the Kings and Maharajas. On the same lines Mahatma Gandhi stepped into politics by sticking to the principles of TRUTH, MORALITY and NON-VIOLENCE. He never sacrificed these principles, even if he had to face embarracement. By keeping these principles in front he led the people of this country to fight for the independence of our country and got the country released from the shackles of slavery. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi won the Lok Sabha elections in 1971. Her election was set aside by the Allahabad High Court. She filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. During its pendency she got amended the Representation of People Act with retrospective effect and also got amended the Constitution of India to ensure the acceptance of her appeal by the Supreme Court. She also imposed EMERGENCY in the country to remain in power. All these acts of Indira Gandhi failed the test of moral or ethical values and in the next election the people of India rejected here. Similarly P.V. Narasimha Rao as Prime Minister faced No Confidence Motion on 26th July 1993. The motion was defeated after it was put to vote on 28th July. Those MPs of JMM party who had voted to defeat the motion, had deposited a huge amount in the Bank, in those very days. The Public doubted that those MPs had been won over the money power and for that reason they voted to save the government. Although both these former prime Ministers were found to be innocent by the law courts, but they remained suspects in the minds of the people on moral and ethical grounds and consequently their governments were voted out of power in the elections.

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