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Aircraft Act, 1934 along with allied Rules

Aircraft Act, 1934 along with allied Rules

ISBN : 9999999999A05

BINDING : Paperback



The Aircraft Act, 1934 (22 of 1934) with • The Aircraft Rules, 1937 as amended by (First Amendment) Rules, 2019 • The Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954 • The Aircraft (Demolition of Obstructions caused by Buildings and Trees, etc.) Rules, 1994 • The Aircraft (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) Rules, 2003 • The Aircraft (Security) Rules, 2011 as amended by (Amendment) Rules, 2019 • The Aircraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules, 2017 • The Ministry of Civil Aviation (Height Restrictions for Safeguarding of Aircraft Operations) Rules, 2015

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