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Convenient Action-Continuity for Change (Gujarati)

Convenient Action-Continuity for Change (Gujarati)

Author : Narendra Modi

ISBN : 9788131251034



BINDING : Paperback



Convenient Action-Continuity for Change written by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, contains initiatives taken by his government post May 2014 at the national level. Mr. Modi has given substantial emphasis on two important aspects of climate change, i.e., Climate Ethics and Climate Justice. By quoting various examples in the book, the author has drawn the correlation between ancient Indian knowledge and the need to conserve nature. The book gives a snapshot of all the latest developments in India relating to climate change, including a brief on India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). This signifies a big leap forward in the multi-dimensional efforts that India has been taking to transform itself into a low-carbon economy. In order to reach the masses, the author has kept the language simple and avoided complex technical details. While the reader can relate and easily understand the contents of the book by a greatly popular national leader, this book also connects with international community and provides a great deal of inspiration to various cross sections of the society to join in the global drive to deal with the challenges of climate change.

"Narendra Modi has been the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, India, since May 26, 2014. Prior to that, he served four straight terms as the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat in Western India. Under his visionary leadership, the Government of India has initiated wide-ranging and far-reaching reforms that aspire to take the fruits of progress to every section of society. From financial inclusion, Skill India, Digital India Mission to Soil Health Cards and Start up India, the Indian Government under Mr. Modi has ushered in unprecedented changes in governance. The Government of India has also taken a number of initiatives in the last eighteen months to ensure a cleaner and greener India. Nature and environment have always been close to Narendra Modi’s heart. He has advocated a complementary relationship between man and nature, which is embodied in ancient Vedic literature. Climate Ethics, which envisages a sustainable future for our planet, has been the core of his thinking. Mr. Modi has moved from Climate Ethics to Climate Justice in his writings emphasizing sensitivity towards nature and natural resources, keeping in mind the interests of poor and downtrodden. He has been consistently calling upon the entire community of world leaders to take concrete action for dealing with climate change without any delay."

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