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Famous Murder Trials, (Covering more than 75 murder cases in India)

Famous Murder Trials, (Covering more than 75 murder cases in India)

Author : P K Das

ISBN : 9789351439943



BINDING : Paperback



This book describes famous and important murder cases. These murder cases are important in as much as some of these cases are relating to the murder of famous and popular personalities and the rest of them, although not involving famous personalities, are of such grave and cruel nature which shake the conscience of the community. Almost all of these cases occupied the headlines of various newspapers. The cases are typical and illustrative of the offence of murder. An attempt has been made in this book to present the cases in a lucid and simple language and in a reader friendly manner, avoiding legal jargon as far as possible, so that alongwith serving the need of legal professionals it may serve as an interesting reading to a layman also. Citations of cases are given in this book for easy reference and further reading. The facts of each case, decisions of the Trial Court and the High Court wherever relevant and the legal principles laid down by the Supreme Court in these cases are discussed.

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