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From The Bench to the Bar

From The Bench to the Bar

Author : Justice V R Krishna Iyer

ISBN : 9789350351963






CONTENTS 1. A Tale of Two Mansions 2. Judge of the Kerala High Court 3. Speech by Mr. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer on the Occasion of Assuming Office on 2nd July, 1968 4. Dictiona Iyer 5. Memorable Legal Quotations: Mines of Abbreviated Wisdom 6. Doctorate of Laws 7. My Supreme Court Days A Wan Span or Years of Elan? 8. The Contribution to the Legal Aid Movement 9. Rarest of the Rare 10. Motilal Setalvad A Mellow Magnificent Selfportrait 11. M.C. Chagla The Centenary of a Judicial Statesman 12. Judging a Judge 13. The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Camaraderie Among the Great Institutions 14. Parliamentary Privileges, People`s Freedoms and Judicial Invigilation 15. Justices and Justicing 16. Indian Judicature Millennial Transformation 17. Numerological Nostrum for Pathological Procrastination of the Judicature 18. Judicial Power A Management Mess? 19. Judicial Moderation and Majesty of Justice 20. Judicial Activism Use and Abuse 21. Judicial Activism Progressions and Transgressions 22. Jurisprudence of Judicial Strictures 23. The Gladsome Light of Jurisprudence 24. Why Stultify Judge`s Status? 25. Contempt Power A Case of Survival After Death! 26. Contempt Power Cipherise its User 27. Contempt Power Utility or Futility 28. Cult of the Robe and Criticism of the Court 29. The Judicial Process and Delivery of Social Justice 30. Higher Judicial Appointments Arcane Processes and Razzmatazz Protocol 31. Plea to Appoint SC/ST Persons as Judges of the High Courts 32. VenalVenial Journalism and Vulnerable Judicialism 33. Global Jurisprudence is Dead: Rest in Peace! 34. A National Judicial Commission A Command for Reforms  35. Judiciary A Reform Agenda 36. Address Presented to Hon'ble Shri Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer on his Retirement from the Supreme Court of India 37. A Letter from Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer on Demitting Office 38. Statement Issued by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer 39. Letter to Chief Justice

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