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Halsbury's Laws of India-Family Law II; Vol 20

Halsbury's Laws of India-Family Law II; Vol 20

ISBN : 9789351433453


BINDING : Hardcover



This volume of Family Law is divided into 9 chapters and covers the current position of law with respect to legitimacy, adoption, custody, guardianship, offences against children, anti-dowry legislation etc. The book deals with personal laws of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis on the various legal aspects relating to adoption, matrimonial cruelty, protection of women from domestic violence etc. New topics and sub topics of contemporary importance like ‘Validity of adoption’, ‘Rape and forcible termination of pregnancy’ , ‘Bigamous marriages’ and ‘Application of law penalizing matrimonial cruelty’ etc. have been added. Relevant legislation and case law have been referenced to lay out the current position of law on the above-mentioned and the related topics.

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