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Constitution of India (Pkt.Size)

Constitution of India (Pkt.Size)

Author : P M Bakshi

ISBN : 9789386515117

EDITION : 15th





P M Bakshi’s The Constitution of India, is an Article-wise commentary on Constitution of India. This book, in this revised fifteenth edition have been updated with legislative amendments begin all the way from 1951 to the latest, The Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act, 216 and also added all important Supreme Court decisions till 217. The Constitution of India has a total of 395 articles and 12 schedules. Each article has notes for the reader’s reference for the purpose of clarity. This book outlines the form of government that is followed in the nation, along with an expansive list of doctrines. It consists of 22 parts that provide the structure which describes elemental political principles protocols followed by government bodies and establishes the basic rights and duties of the citizens of the nation. Each part is divided into articles, with some parts having chapters as well, due to the intricacies of sections like Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits.

P M Bakshi was the Former Director, Indian Law Institute and former member of the Law Commission of India. Apart from the Constitution of India, P M Bakshi had also authored administrative books like Law of Affidavits, Dictionary of Business Law, Law of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Legislative Process: Ideals and Reality, S.M. Lahiri’s The Transfer of Property ACT (ACT IV of 1882) and Introduction to Legislative Drafting.

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