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Judge's Potpourri

Judge's Potpourri

Author : Justice V R Krishna Iyer

ISBN : 9788175345744

EDITION : 2015

NO. OF VOLUMES : Hardcover




The book has no homogeneity nor common theme but is an odd miscellany of many articles, some casual, some serious, but all, when taken together, express the random views written each time with a radical purpose or critical censure. Viewed as a whole, it reflects the effort I have put in at an advanced age, the ideas contained being my own, at times trivial, at other times profound. Vintage ancedotes creep in although ancedotage is a symptom of dotage. After all, I have crossed four score and ten. Looking in retrospect, this olio reminds me of Winston Churchill. Writing a book is an adventure; to begin with it is a toy, then an amusement, then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then it becomes a tyrant, and the last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude you kill the monster and strew him about to the public. The panorama of topics covered by this miscellany is considerable. I am sure my vagarious views are sometimes provocative and hostile to the traditionalist. Nevertheless, democratic divergence of thought is an experiment which is promotive of cultural diversity and so it is that I have ventured to indulge in this game, perhaps goofy, knowing that India which had been the nidus of great thought and sublime world view, is now under colonial moulding of minds West-conditioned materialist mono-culture and commercial victimology. John Pilger has called this mental syndrome a Cultural Chernobyl and states thus: There is only one thing in this world, and that is to keep acquiring money and more money, power and more power. All the rest is meaningless. (Napolean Bonaparte)

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