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Judicial World of a Multi - Splendoured Genius - Sir Asutosh Mookerjee

Judicial World of a Multi - Splendoured Genius - Sir Asutosh Mookerjee

Author : Sir Asutosh Mookerjee

ISBN : 9789350354711



BINDING : Hardcover



This book is to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sir Asutosh Mookerjee who by any reckoning is one of India`s greatest sons. His Life and work covered a very wide gamut of activities mathematics, law, education, public life. This book is devoted to his work as a judges. He raised the standards of judging and writing judgements to levels hardly reached before. The first volume contains, besides a fairly comprehensive biographical sketch, articles on Sir Asutosh as also some of his well known speeches and writings. The other two volumes have some of his classic judgements in full, with editoria notes, short notes of some other judgments and eminently quotable quotations. His judgements are marvellous pieces of elucidation of legal problems and a source of lambent light on ticklish legal corners mainfesting his enormous visionary genious. The book is an excellent timely reminder of the vigorous refreshment that Sir Asutosh gave to the great values that add savour to life and of the indelible imprints he has left on our jurisprudence, lighting the judicial landscape with his radiance.

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