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Law and Reality

Law and Reality

Author : Justice Devi Prasad Singh

ISBN : 9789350353912



BINDING : Hardcover



This book contains chapters dealing with certain burning issues which the country is facing today. ``Corruption`` has become worldwide phenomena. What is corruption and how it severely affect the society is the question which has been dealt with under the Chapter of its head. To what extent legislatures and bureaucracy may claim immunity of their conduct under the garb of ``Separation of Power`` has been discussed. Whether the government have right to keep a matter pending with regard to sanction of prosecution under section 10 of the Anti Corruption Act is the question which has been dealt with in a chapter. ``Female foeticide``, ``Sexual abuse of child`, ``Legislative overruling``, ``Right to Information Act`, ``Terrorism``, ``Mediation in commercial and matrimonial dispute`` and ``State`s focus on water conservation, safe drinking water and sanitation programme`` are some other topics which have been precisely dealt with in the present book. At the eve of 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekanand lecture given by the author has also been included in the present book.

Justice Devi Prasad Singh is a judge in Allahabad High Court. He has adjudicated on several issues relating to constitutional matters, and especially the common man. He has delivered landmark judgments on various aspects of law, including the mafia as reported in 2006(24)LCD 1243, Chandrika Prasad Nishad v State of UP and others, and on food scam as reported in 2010 ADJ 504 Vishwanath Chaturvedi v Union of India and others. He is an administrative judge and a member of various committees of the high court. He has an academic interest and has actively participated in a number of national and international conferences.

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