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Law of Consumer Protection– Advocacy and Practice

Law of Consumer Protection– Advocacy and Practice

Author : Anirban Chakraborty

ISBN : 9789351431084



BINDING : Paperback



Consumer considerations and their protection are well established concepts, but in the last decade there has been significant development in consumer protection law. The globalization of trade, shift to a market dominated economy, information revolution and emergence of e-commerce have further enriched this process. All these factors have increased the scope of research and advocacy for creating a consumer friendly regulatory framework. The Indian legal framework has also undergone a substantial change in order to comply with international norms. Consumer Protection as a subject has received tremendous importance from the contemporary legal fraternity in India. Legal experts have emphasized the need to educate present day law students so that they are equipped to handle issues relating to this branch of law. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the existing law on consumer protection in India and includes discussions with extracts from landmark decisions of the Supreme Court.

Anirban Chakraborty is Assistant Professor of Law at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. He has over 10 years of experience in teaching, research and practice on ADR. He has completed his Masters in Law from Vanderbilt Law School in USA with specialization in dispute processing and resolution techniques. He has published a number of articles and books with internationally reputed publishers and also worked in United Nations Development Programme as a consultant to the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, on National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms.

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