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Law of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights – National and International Perspectives

Law of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights – National and International Perspectives

Author : V K Ahuja

ISBN : 9789351433903



BINDING : Paperback



Law of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights: National and International Perspectives critically examines various aspects of copyright. Since the 1990s, copyright law has undergone a sea change, both nationally and internationally. In India, the Copyright Act, 1957 has been amended in 1994, 1999 and 2012. The 2012 amendments were significant in nature and responded to the need of the society as well as technological developments. This book incorporates these changes adequately and provides inputs regarding Indian law and international law. The unique feature of the book is that it discusses all the multilateral conventions on copyright irrespective of whether India is a party to any particular treaty or not. In the last few years, the judiciary has come out with a number of landmark judgments which have been duly incorporated and discussed at relevant places. This book will prove useful for teachers, judges, lawyers, researchers, students, writers, publishers, people from entertainment industry and others.

Dr V K Ahuja is Associate Professor in Faculty of Law, University of Delhi having a teaching experience of over 23 years. He holds LL.M. and Ph.D. from University of Delhi and M.Phil. from JNU, New Delhi. He has also completed a certificate course on Law Teaching and Legal Research Skills at Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, UK in 2004. He has authored three books on I PR, and two volumes of Halsburys Annotated Statutes of India. He was honoured with an award in the Fifth South Asian Teaching Session on International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law organised jointly by the International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 2003.

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