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Law of Sale of Goods

Law of Sale of Goods

Author : P Ramanatha Aiyar

ISBN : 9789350356449

EDITION : 10th


BINDING : Hardcover



P. Ramanatha Aiyar`s Sale of Goods Act is a gem of masterpiece, which has over the years established itself as an irreplaceable classic on the subject. A thorough updation has been carried out upon each and every chapter in the light of judicial and legal developments so far. At the same time utmost care has been taken to maintain the spirit and essence of the original work. The entire case law has been brought upto date to enhance its riches in quality and utility. Like previous editions, this edition too will prove beneficial for lawyer, judges, consultants, chartered accountants, company secretaries, law libraries, commercial organizations, and all those who are linked and concerned with this subject in the same spirit and law.

Justice M.R. Mallick, Former Judge, High Court of Calcutta

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