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Law Relating to Disciplinary Proceedings in Industries

Law Relating to Disciplinary Proceedings in Industries

Author : H L Kumar

ISBN : 9788131252413

EDITION : 10th

BINDING : Paperback



In an industrial set-up the inter-se relationship between Management and Workers has been a subject matter of discussion ever since the setting-up of industries in India. The law regulating such relationship has been designed keeping in view the paramount consideration of striking a balance between rights of parties while upholding the principles of equity, justice and good conscience. In this Tenth Edition of Law Relating to Disciplinary Proceedings in Industries, the text, wherever required has been updated covering all relevant landmark judgments delivered by the Constitutional Court in the Country. The book shall be of great help to students studying at different law universities, colleges and other law institutions, law faculties, law practitioners, judges, et al.

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