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Legally Speaking

Legally Speaking

Author : Justice V R Krishna Iyer

ISBN : 9788175343177

EDITION : 2015

NO. OF VOLUMES : Hardcover




Writing judgments is an integral part of justicing. But some judges are better judgement writers. Then, there are still some who are better writers and write everything with a certain touch including the judgments. Justice Iyer is one of the versatile ones who touched one which he did not adorn; one of those few who are known as much for their enlightening views as for their style of crystallizing ideas into writing. Justice Iyer believes that law is what law does and has never shied away from invoking the judicial process imaginatively and creatively with an eye on just ends so that, at the end of the day, justice is meted out without the procedural or technical cobwebs bogging down the justice-bound ship of the rightful. After all, that is what all laws are aimed at. Though his tenure as a Supreme Court judge was relatively short, but he still managed to write prodigiously with over 400 opinions sufficient to leave an indelible impression that continues to inspire lawyers and judges in India and abroad. We place before you a rainbowic collection of Justice Iyer`s printed and virgin pieces, which is truly astounding in diversity, soothing in precision and vivacious in style and elan. The collection is split under four heads National, Jural, Philosophical and Miscellaneous. However, the book is not just a collection of legal musings but also has an autobiographical feel to it, which is another wonderful reason for one to go through it from cover to cover. That`s Justice Iyer Legally Speaking with a personal grace.

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