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Legally Yours

Legally Yours

Author : Justice V R Krishna Iyer

ISBN : 9789350352625

EDITION : Hardcover




CONTENTS Then (1958) and Now (2012) Judicial Appointments and Disappointments Kapadia Contra Khurshid Morning Miscellany Freedom Should Become A Colossal Colony Human Rights and the Common Citizen A case for Sad Serious Investigation for the Nation`s Constitutional Preamble`s Sake The Noble Preamble: We have Promises to Keep The Constitution Revisited The Judicial Process and Delivery of Social Justice Contempt PowerUtility or Futility My Supreme Court DaysA Wan Span or Years of Elan? Constitutional Socialism, Right to Life and Food Security Bill Is the Little Socialist India Legally Yours? No. Look at the Rabid Pride of Petrol Diesel Price HikeMore TearsCommon Man The Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi Violence and RobberyUniversal Corrodes National Economy The BuddhaHis Bone and Soul Bapuji, the Father of the Indian NationAn Eternal Tomorrow  A Day of Wonder The Chandrasekharan ButcheryTerrorist Public Economy of Revolutionary Barbarity The Cultural Collapse of Kerala Mullaperiyar Controversy A New Dynamic Pragmatic Solution  A Posthumous Tribute to Kelu Nambiar V.S. Quits and Marxists in the Grip of a Split Syndrome 2012 Birthday Speech Inaugural Address of Hon`ble VicePresident of India, Shri Hamid Ansari on the Occasion of the 97th Birthday of Shri Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer Communalism, Godist Pluralism, Corruption and Colonialism

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