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Model Appointment Letters and Service Rules

Model Appointment Letters and Service Rules

Author : H L Kumar

ISBN : 9789350357378



BINDING : Paperback



It hardly needs to be reiterated that there are more than hundred Central and State legislations on Labour Laws but none of these has provided the proforma for an appointment letter. Even otherwise, it is not possible to conceive a draft of an appointment letter since there are various categories like security guards, clerks, data entry operators, receptionist, technicians, teachers, nurses, doctors, piece rated workers, drivers, cashiers, trainees, storekeepers, managers, general manager, so on. Also, there are stages of an employment like probationer, temporary, ad-hoc, substitute, etc. We have made efforts to incorporate all possible and relevant aspects in this book. This book is a further improvement on its earlier editions to meet the requirements of those who have to manage people at work, law students, at the graduate and post-graduate level, and advocates/HR Executives by explaining the implications of Labour Laws with emphasis on readymade drafts which are generally needed. Given its practical and application-oriented approach, it will be much more useful for professionals engaged in consultancy and imparting training to executives. The importance of the appointment letter can be understood by the fact that whatever conditions have been enumerated in it, cannot be changed or withdrawn by the employer.

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