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Patna High Court - A Century of Glory

Patna High Court - A Century of Glory

Author : Justice Sudhir Kumar Katriar

ISBN : 9789350355541



BINDING : Hardcover



This book endeavours to cover the history of the Patna High Court ever since its inception, and is the third of its kind in India. The first one titled `Famous Judges, Lawyers and Cases of Bombay`, by P.B. vachha, was published on the occasion of the Centenary Celebrations of the Bombay High Court in 1962. Six months thereafter was published the book entitled, a Century Completed, The Madras High Court, 1862-1962, by V.C. Gopalratnam. The Patna High Court was constituted by the Letter Patent of the 9th February 1916, and it commenced its judicial work on the 1st March 1916, under the leadership of Chief Justice Edward Chamier and six judges. The 1st Chapter of the present book is titled High Court `Erected and Established,` and seeks to cover the period from the day of foundation laying ceremony of the High Court building till its inaugural ceremony. The 2nd to 4th Chapters are titled `High Court Commences Work,` `Eminent Judges,` and `Eminent Lawyers`, The 5th chapter refers to some of the leading cases decided by the Patna High Court, and includes cases decided by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the Federal Court arising from the Patna High Court. The 6th chapter is perhaps the most interesting titled `The Pillars of the System` which describes thirty one families of which three generations or more of lawyers and judges have made contributions to the High Court including eleven families whose members are with the High Court from the first day till today. Finally, the last chapter highlights some of the contributions made by the lawyers and judges of the Court in the field of education.  

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