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Documentary Letters of Credit- A review of cases from the courts of India

Documentary Letters of Credit- A review of cases from the courts of India

Author : Vincent O Brein Ashish Madan and SNG & Partners

ISBN : 9788131250655



BINDING : Paperback



The book reviews and analyzes the landmark judgments passed by the Supreme Court of India and the 1-ligh Courts in the country on the subject of Letters of Credit, in a manner which is easy to understand and thus reader friendly. It also elucidates the circumstances and situations which lead to disputes involving Letters of Credit. The judgments are analyzed and combined with technical and operational perspectives which provide a good understanding about the legal jurisprudence on these matters in India and equally an insight as to the methodology that is consistent with ICC rules. The book should prove to be a useful guide for the practitioners of Letters of Credit (especially the banking and the legal fraternity) as also for those interested in scholarly work in the field of International Trade.

"Vincent O'Brien is an Executive Committee Member of the ICC Banking Commission. He has delivered technical trade finance assistance in more than 70 countries for major banks and development institutions. Ashish Madan is an MSc in Finance (Economic Policy) from S.O.A.S, University of London. Ashish runs a boutique trade finance firm and has been a practitioner of Letters of Credit for over two decades. SNG & Partners is a well known law firm on Banking and Finance. SNG team was led by Amit Aggarwal, Partner. He was assisted by Amit Ronald Charan"

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