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Raja Dharma with Lessons on Raja Neeti

Raja Dharma with Lessons on Raja Neeti

Author : Dr M Rama Jois

ISBN : 9789350350997



BINDING : Hardcover



``I was inspired to read the topic ``Supremacy of Law at Work`` and how the King has given his Judgement adhering to the Principles of Rajadharma. Another topic which interested me in the book is Lession Thirteen Taking counsel, which states how important it is for any authority to get proper advice/counsel, before arriving at any decisions.`` Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam  Former President of India ``Justice M. Rama Jois has made a deep study of the Shastras.... and his new book on Raja Dharma with lessions on Raja Neeti based upon our ancient tradition of statecraft will, I am sure, be of interest of students of Indian culture and tradition as well as to the general reader.`` Dr. Karan Singh  Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Chairman, Committee on Ethics `` It is rare to see a book plumbing to such depths never seen before in analyzing dharma and its relevance to the present day world caught as it is in a vortex of violence and untruth. Rajneeti comes as a whiff of fresh air and thanks to Shri Rama Jois, the subject of dharma, despite being too vast in its myraid connotations, has been presented with such candor and simplicity for all of us to get a glimpse of it.`` Narendra Modi Chief Minister, Gujarat State ``I am sure that the basic principles of Rajadharma incorporated in PartI together with practical lessons given by Sir T. Madhava Rao would constitute a source of inspiration and guidance to the present day ruler so as to enable them to secure the allround happiness of the people, the main object and purpose of the State.`` Justice M. Rama Jois Author

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