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Reminiscing on Law Brains - Bench, Bar and Academia

Reminiscing on Law Brains - Bench, Bar and Academia

Author : Tahir Mahmood

ISBN : 9789350355138



BINDING : Hardcover



This book briefly speaks of a large number of judges of various levels of judicial hierarchy. State dignitaries with a legal background, law ministers, law officers, lawyers, law teachers, legal scholars and authors, of India and several other countries - both veterans and lesser known - who have according to the author been his inspirers, benefactors, detractors, teachers, classmates, friends, students, colleagues, admirers and critics, at various stages of his life. The account consists of the author`s tributes, memoirs, apraisals and personal impressions, about the law men and women he has talked about and their major works. The book also contains brief introductions of the institutions the author has been associated with, and his comments on a series of significant apex court decisions, from Aziz Basha of 1968 concerning Aligarh Muslim University to Vishwa Lochan Madan of 2014 on the fatwa system and Shariat courts - as also on a large number of supreme Court and High Court rulings of 1972-2014 in which his own views have been cited.

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