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Sixth Schedule to the Constitution

Sixth Schedule to the Constitution

Author : Justice B L Hansaria

ISBN : 9789351439097



BINDING : Hardcover



Second and Third Edition of the book printed in 2005 and 2010 gave me a great source of encouragement to take out Fourth Edition, particularly due to the reason that Third Edition has been out of print for more than one year. This shows that the readers have liked the work, which is the prime reason to come out with a new edition. In 2013, three more High Courts came into existence, namely, Meghalaya, Tripura and Manipur which were part of Gauhati High Court. Sixth Schedule now operates within the jurisdiction of Gauhati High Court, Meghalaya High Court and Tripura High Court. Thus, there are case laws from three High Courts apart from the Supreme Court dealing with the cases covered by the provisions of Sixth Schedule to the Constitution. I have tried to include case laws from all the four Constitutional Courts. Administration of Justice in North Eastern States has different scheme for tribal areas and non-tribal areas. It also depends on whether all the parties are tribals or one/both the parties are non-tribals. Different forum and procedure are applicable for tribals and non tribals and also depending on the State and the particular District Council. State-wise analysis of Administration of Justice has been made in Chapter VII of the book with reference to each District Council after discussion on each State. While analyzing the provisions of each paragraph of the Sixth Schedule in Chapter V, the writing has been re-grouped into headings and sub-headings so as to facilitate the reader.

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