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The Constitution Corruption Pathological Casualties and Radical Remedies Reformatories

The Constitution Corruption Pathological Casualties and Radical Remedies Reformatories

Author : Justice V R Krishna Iyer

ISBN : 9789350353875






CONTENTS The Indian Constitution A Critique of its Fundamentals   The Profound semantics of the Preambular Prose Brave Battle for a Sublime Progressive Preamble No Compromise With Corruption Adversarial Praxis VisaVis Social Justice Random Reflections on Robes, Religions, Creeds Robbed of Morals  Legal Literacy Time to Do Away with the Death Sentence  India a Socialist ``Half a Loaf is Better Than no. Bread`` Dandi March to Independent Destiny Happy Vishu Greetings on New Year`s Day World is Sinking Morally Convocation Address, University of Burdwan Brief Biographical Sketches What is Truth A Creative Critique of Indian Democratic Policy A Project Panchsheel Dengue Fever Deadly Hold on Kerala`s Public Health A Struggle for Survival Drought, Rivers Run Dry and Democracy Too Runs Dry IndoChina Relations BhaiBhai, Panchsheel and Varying Estrangement The General Elections and IndoPak Comradeship Truth Will Out and Come to Light in the Long Run Panoramic Miscellany Free Legal Aid Code A Social Service Measure Near 99 Faculties Failed Collegium Appointments and Disappointments Himalayan Tsunami Matrimony is a Secular Jural Function Whether they be muslims or Not Some Absurd Proposals in a Sage Search of Social Justice The Collegium or a Coup D`etat of the Supreme Court The Cultural Diversity of India When Hit by Flood or Drought or Other Himalayan Calamity an Unbreakable Solidarity Must Emerge A Doubious Span of Swaraj Dawn For Whom the Bell Tolls India Split into Republic Estrangement Syndrome  Some incidents from the Story of its Dynamic Leftist Leader His Assassinated Scions Uttarakhand A Fraternity in Casualty Letter of Wisdom Some Pensive Views at Age 99 The End

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