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The Indian Parliament- Beyond the Seal and Signature of Democracy

The Indian Parliament- Beyond the Seal and Signature of Democracy

Author : Devender Singh

ISBN : 9789350357293



BINDING : Hardcover



The Indian Parliament, Beyond the Seal and Signature of Democracy by Devender Singh, Additional Secretary, Lok Sabha, is a new, dazzlingly insightful book dealing with the powers, functions and procedures of Parliament, elections and electoral systems and nature and role of political parties in a parliamentary democracy . It brings in sharp relief, the intricacies of democratic institutions, the dynamics of parliamentary government, the public perception of Parliament, the intermittent democratic disquiet and the future of democracy itself. The book, a treasure trove of information, written in a lucid style, brings out the finer nuances of the working of Indian Parliament, the duties of it's functionaries, its interface with other constitutional bodies and the Fourth Estate. It's fine structural symmetry and incisively analytical approach makes it a lively text book on the Parliament of India, and a much awaited welcome addition in the field of parliamentary studies, written as it is by one who has had a long time ring side view of the working of Indian Parliament. It's an absorbing and instructive text book replete with historic and contemporary precedents in the parliamentary annals of India. Apparently, the author has ransacked a wide range of parliamentary literature and woven a commendable narrative - an anthology as much an anatomy, of the Indian democratic system. It's a compelling book for the scholars of constitutional and parliamentary studies, the legislators, public servants, students and all those who desire to study and understand the working of the largest democracy of the world.

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