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The Judge Orates - Selected Writings of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

The Judge Orates - Selected Writings of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

Author : Lokendra Malik & Manish Arora

ISBN : 9789350354001






CONTENTS Foreword Editors` Note Table of Cases PART I - JUDICIARY 1. A Challenge Before the Nation 2. Against Abuse of the Contempt Power 3. Appointments and Disappointments, 4. Case for a Council to Choose Judges 5. In Public Interest 6. Issues raised by I affaire Dinakaran 7. Judges and Judgments: A correctional Inquest 8. Judicial Reform in the Indian Context 9. Limits of Judicial Conduct 10. Needed, Transparency and Accountability 11. Submission of Suspicion 12. The Patchy Indian Judicial Record 13. There was no Hidden Agenda, Mr. Nariman 14. Time for Change 15. Who Will Judge the Judges? 16. The Syndrome of Judicial Arrears 17. Supreme Court of India or Supreme Court for Indians 18. Lawyers, Judges and Justice Jujitsu 19. Higher Judicial Appointments-I 20. Higher Judicial Appointments-II 21. Stricture Jurisprudence PART II - DEMOCRACY 22. Judges are Public Servants, not Bosses 23. Ban on Strikes: A Judicial Excess? 24. Democracy of Judicial Remedies 25. Minority Rights and Wrongs 26. Politics and Performance of the Courts 27. The Quality of Mercy 28. The Role and Duty of a State Governor 29. Unifying Personal Laws 30. New Focus - Dynamic Paradigm - and New Accountability for Parliamentary Polls 31. Jusutce Krishna Iyer`s Interview 32. A Democratic Demand 33. Lokpal Bill and the Prime Minister 34. President and Information 35. A Betrayal of India`s Constitutional Vision 36. House Privileges and the Courts 37. Who will Police the Police? 38. For Amendment, not Overhaul 39. Judicial Review in a Democracy PART III - SOCIAL ISSUES 40. Forensic Justice and AIDS 41. Gender War, Yet to be Won  42. Remembering a Glorious Rebel 43. The State and the Evil of Drink 44. Primary Education for the Poor 45. For a Fair Deal in Higher Education PART IV - ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES 46. A Dam and Some Critical Questions 47. River Engineering and the Courts PART V - TERRORISM 48. Sovereignty and Some Questions  PART VI - CAPITAL PUNISHMENT 49. Capital Punishment: A Penological Barbarity Why Death Sentence on Death Sentence? 50. A Question of Rights and Wrongs PART VII - INTERNATIONAL ISSUES 51. Let`s not be submissive Spouse 52. The Dream of a Brave New World PART VIII - FAMOUS PERSONALITIES 53. Nikhil Chakravartty: I Salute You 54. A Woman Ambassador`s Cause 55. Judge Sonia Sotomayor 56. Rajiv Gandhi - An Appreciation 57. A Courageous Voice of Dissent PART IX - LETTERS TO POLITICAL ELITES 58. An Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi 59. An Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi 60. An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

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