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Transfer of Employees under Labour Laws

Transfer of Employees under Labour Laws

Author : H L Kumar

ISBN : 9789386515094



BINDING : Paperback



Transfer is an ordinary and usual incident of service. Transfers are the part and parcel of employment. The right of the employer to appoint carry with it the right to post the employee anywhere else, unless the contract of service or the governing rules rule out such a right. This book is concise and practical, but long enough to provide all information pertaining to transfer of an employee. In this revised edition the basic object of the book is retained and case law have been updated as far as possible incorporating recent decisions of the Supreme Court and High Courts to help the readers understand their legal implications as well as applicability. The prime purpose of this revised edition has been to broaden the clarifications, ratios of decided cases and to retain, to the fullest extent, the direct and simple approach of the authors with its emphasis on short words and brief sentences that has been so phenomenally useful in understanding the ratio of judgments. The book will prove to be indispensable compendium not only to the members of the legal profession but also for all those who are concerned with managing people at work more particularly industrialists, factory owners, corporate bodies, students and all others who are interested in the subject of this book.

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