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Yes, I'm Opinionated: Musings of a Lawyer on Governance, Law and Policy

Yes, I'm Opinionated: Musings of a Lawyer on Governance, Law and Policy

Author : Satvik Varma

ISBN : 9788131253571

EDITION : 2017

NO. OF VOLUMES : Hardcover




An anthology of essays divided into three broad heads of Business & Corporate Governance, Law & Legislative Affairs and Trade & Policy. The subjects covered here are varied and include everything from: Gay Rights to Insider Trading, Legitimizing Lobbying to Regulating Gaming, Insider trading to Holidays in the Judiciary, Juvenile Justice to Abortion Laws, Sedition to Competition Regulations, Multi-brand Retail to Political Advertising, Media Trials to Abortion rights. There is often times a deliberate, but sometimes a sub-conscious overlap between the chosen themes. Almost all pieces highlight the importance of the Rule of Law in the democratic landscape of India's constitutional structure. There is also a recurring argument for our laws and policies to move with the times and work towards upholding the fundamental principles of Justice. Doing what's right! Written over a period of ten years, all articles have been updated with a post script to make them relevant for the reader even today. Offerings a "razor-sharp insight" into contemporary Indian legal and policy history, this book is relevant for students, think-tanks, policy organisations, academics and just about anyone else curious or wanting to understand the functioning of the Indian legal system.

"SATVIK is a Litigation Counsel & Corporate Attorney running his independent practice in New Delhi. He holds an LL.M. from Harvard Law School and is admitted to practice both in India (1998) and in the State of New York. Previously, Satvik was a partner at India's premier law firm and has also been a Vice-President and Counsel at a leading Wall Street investment bank in New York. He has a keen interest in global and regional affairs and was nominated from across India as an ""Asia 21 Young Leader"" by the Asia Society, America's leading non-profit organisation. He also holds a distinction of being an ""Aspen India Leadership Fellows' and is a cohort of the ""Aspen Global Leadership Network"". Satvik is a frequent speaker at various industry and business chambers, legal panels and TV debates. "

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